I knew that the time had come to have the rest of my teeth extracted, and get plates. I had visited the Affordable Denture clinic, but did not like their "cattle call" type of attention, and I always remembered "You get what you pay for." Dr. Hendrix discussed my options, and the costs, and let me decide when the time was best to proceed. I had my teeth pulled, and had plates placed right in. They have worked out beautifully.
S. R. Falkville, Alabama

Dentists always scare me! Dr. Hendrix, though, put me at ease with his caring manner, and was very thorough in his examination. he explained all of my options, and never pressured me in any treatment. His staff was helpful in the financial arrangements. An overall great experience! He's my dentist now.
C. M. Hartselle, Alabama

Since I was young, I always covered my teeth to smile. There came a time to do something for myself. I discussed my concerns with Dr. Hendrix. He gave me options, and I decided to have a "smile makeover." I am so pleased with the results. I have a new personality. I can smile and laugh with confidence in my looks. Thanks, Dr. Hendrix, for restoring my youthfulness.
V. W. Hartselle, Alabama

With time, my lower jaw has become so small that my lower denture will not stay put. In discussing this with other denture wearers, this seems to be common. I had a new denture made, but it just didn't stay put. I asked Dr. Hendrix for help. He offered implants as an answer. I was unsure, but trusted him. My lower denture is as steady as a rock now. I'm tickled on my results. I'm considering implants on the top now!
J. T. Hartselle, Alabama